“Before and After I Do” is a marriage workshop designed to help couples learn the fundamental principles needed to have a wonderful and lasting marriage. This workshop is geared towards couples who are either getting married or who have been married for up to 20 years.

“Before and After I Do” was born when John & Monique Ong, who work in the wedding industry, noticed a common problem; They observed that while many couples invested in the wedding day, few invested in the marriage itself. And with the staggering statistics that 5 out of 10 marriages fail, they believed there was a need to educate couples on how to have a beautiful marriage that goes far beyond the wedding day. “Before and After I Do” was born to address this need. Since 2007, there have been 19 workshops and hundreds of couples have testified how it has helped their marriage.

Topics include the Original Design for Marriage, Family Finances, Communication, The Roles of Husband & Wife, Enjoyable Sex in Marriage, and much more. What makes this workshop so enjoyable is that it is highly interactive. After each topic, participants break into small groups to personally discuss and apply the learnings. This allows participants to personally learn through their experiences and shared reflections.

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