The statistics gets worst decade after decade. We cannot let the statistics dictate the status of our marriage. There is hope. But we must start now.

Over the years we have been mounting this marriage jump starter workshop.  One thing is clear: We are saving marriages before they even begin.  Most of the soon to be wed couples have opened their eyes to the truth – marriage is hard work!  But its all worth it.  Those who are newly married and have made several wrong moves in their first year admit that they have been needing a workshop like this.  Everyone needs a manual to learn how to become from “I to We”.

This workshop has been so helpful to so many that we now have a community of young couples meeting every Saturday and we call the gathering SaturDates.  This is a weekly couple date time where we learn from other couples on how to continuously refresh and enrich their marriage.

We invite you to invest in your marriage by learning how to make it work God’s way.  This 19th Edition is a one day intensive workshop on marriage and relationship.   The workshop cost is Php2,000.00 per couple. Our early bird rate is Php 1,600.00 inclusive of buffet lunch, snacks and a couple’s kit.