30-day trial with money-back guarantee? Tell me this isn’t what you’re fitting that wedding dress for.

Before you drop that no-return, no-exchange, (and no-regrets!) “I Do”, give us a day and soak up on everything you need to know about marriage at the Before I Do workshop!

The Before I Do 15th ed. is a one-day interactive workshop that tackles on the Biblical yet very practical wisdoms on marriage. This workshop is packed with life-changing lessons and hands-on discoveries that will get you learning and having fun along with other couples.

The workshop goes beyond principles; Before I Do takes you back to the best blueprint on marriage as revealed in the Bible. We’re featuring topics such as God’s design for marriage, relationship roles, money matters, and conflict resolution among many others. With Speakers John and Monique Ong, Manny and Lisa Manansala, Rob and Monica Luzuriaga, Alain Syscar, and Edric and Joy Mendoza sharing about their quips and joys of married life, you’ll end the day thinking, “I’m so glad we did this together” or, ultimately so, make you want to say I Do with greater conviction.

Let’s get to know a couple from the Before I Do team who are just so excited to join you on this amazing journey.

Meet Edric and Joy Mendoza.

JoyandedricOne of the country’s forerunner of homeschooling, a TV celebrity, an amazing father, and a dedicated servant of God, you could say Edric Mendoza has got everything right in the bag. But on top of all the titles, one of his greatest achievements is having been married to the love of his life, Joy. Edric serves as the president of The Master’s Academy or TMA, the country’s biggest home school institution.  He has been married for more than a decade and has been the ultimate role model to his four children.  He is the host of the show “On the Money” aired over Chanel 23 and just recently, was voted as the Cutest TV show anchor man by blog.ph.

With him is his beautiful wife, Joy Tan-Chi-Mendoza, the well-known blogger of “Teach with Joy”. Among other roles as career woman and a servant of God, Joy treasures her call to be the loving wife to Edric and the dedicated mother and teacher to their growing tots.

Edric and Joy have been with each and every Before I do batch since the first run. And now for the 15th time, they’re back and ready to share with you what God has done in their lives and marriage.

Join Edric and Joy in this one of a kind adventure! The Before I Do Workshop 15th ed. is happening on April 13, 2013 at the CCF Eastwood (3rd Floor, Citywalk 2, QC). Registration fee is at P1,500 per couple, inclusive of meals, kits and certificates.

To sign up, just email us at beforeidoworkshop@gmail.com with the following details:
Name of the Couple
Date and Time of wedding
Venue of church and reception
Email address
Contact number

Slots are limited, so register now.

We’re thrilled to have you with us on the next Before I Do! Hope to see you there!