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Most of us spend at least 16 years in school learning how to be successful in life, but school doesn’t teach us how to have successful marriages. Discover God’s design for a successful marriage. You and I are made for this!


We enter into marriage with high expectations and pin them on our spouse which often leads to unfulfilled longings and frustrations. Discover God’s principles for a husband and wife and “role” with it!


Don’t let things get lost in translation. Discover how to communicate effectively. Get it and get it good!


Past hurts and negative experiences can wound and cripple a marriage. Leave the baggage behind. It’s time to surrender & forgive, so you can live free to love the way you should.


“Before and After I Do” is a marriage starter workshop designed to help couples learn the principles needed to have a wonderful and lasting marriage. This workshop is geared towards couples who are getting married or who have been married for up to 20 years. Read More
In this workshop, we’ve learned the importance of knowing our roles, when to fill up the love tank and setting aside a fun fund! Wendell & Andrea Daguno

5 Years Married

We made a good decision in attending this workshop. This really helped us a lot and we highly recommend this to soon to be weds. Josh & Janice Ong

2 Years Married

We were part of the 15th edition and still remember everything we’ve learned that day. It really helped us grow our relationship. Edel & Sarah Umali

8 Years Married

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The War Room

When we hear the words “War Room” we immediately think of armies, soldiers, battles and well, war! So as I gathered some of the definitions of what a war room is I found out that it’s a literal place where war is directed or where a strategy is planned (source:...

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Before and After I Do 20th Edition

Experience will speak for us that marriage is not a walk in the park. The array of problems piling up are like math problems where you have to figure out the formula in order to solve a problem, every single time. There is no single formula for all marriage problems.

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Before and After I Do 19th Edition

The statistics gets worst decade after decade. We cannot let the statistics dictate the status of our marriage. There is hope. But we must start now. Join the 19th Edition of the “Before and After I Do” workshop!

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Before and After I Do 18th Edition

Is your marriage truly till death do us part? Join us on the 18th edition of the “Before and After I Do” workshop. Awesome topics, great speakers… what can you ask for? Register now before seats run out!

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